The Roadmap

We work with individuals and couples who want to feel clarity, simplicity, and confidence when they think about their money. Whether you’re a young professional or a retiree, we offer custom financial plans based on your individual needs.

Step 1

30 minute discovery call

Book a 30-minute discovery call, where you’ll get to chat with our lead Certified Financial Planner™, Hannah Moore. During this call, you’ll be able to explain what you’re hoping to achieve with your financial plan and get answers to your questions about how we can help. It is during this call that we determine if you’d like to meet in person to discuss your finances and needs in more depth.

Step 2

1 HR In-person Meeting

Meeting in person is a great way for Hannah and the rest of the Guiding Wealth team to meet you, and to get more acquainted. While this will cover some basic information about your finances, work, and family, the goal of this meeting is to explain how our services work, what you can expect, and how we can work with you to reach your financial goals and navigate life’s transitions.

 After this in-person meeting, we will let you decide if working with us is right for you.

Step 3

Getting to know you

Should you decide to work with us at Guiding Wealth, we will send over all necessary onboarding documents and schedule a second meeting, whether in-person or on the phone. This will be simply an information gathering meeting, where you’ll be asked to provide financial statements, report on cash flow, and share any relevant tax or income documents.

Once all information is collected, we’ll start building the first phase of your financial plan.

Step 4

Investment concepts

The next phase of your financial planning journey is the investment concepts meeting. Here, we’ll explain investment strategies and options that work best for you. We’ll consider your risk tolerance, short- and long-term goals with your money, and how investing can best support you. We will present all of this information in an easy-to-understand way that helps you feel clear and confident about your options.

We’ll ask you to consider options and let us know which plan of action you want to pursue.

Step 5

Insurance Review

One of the most overlooked phases of a thorough financial plan is the insurance review. Although it is far from glamorous, having sufficient insurance coverage is one of the best ways to prevent financial challenges. We’ll work with you to determine the amount of coverage needed, and to make sure current plans measure up to your needs now and in the immediate future.

After this meeting, you’ll have time to consider options before any changes are made to existing coverage.

Step 6

Financial independence plan

The idea of financial independence is appealing to most of us, but understanding how to get there can feel like a mystery. In this phase of our work, we’ll take everything we’ve done in previous meetings and discussions and compile it into an action plan that helps you reach financial independence. We’ll cover all of the elements of your financial life and give you options that help you feel on track to independence.

Depending on your individual plan, we’ll also help you make changes to your current practices.

Step 7

Long-life and Estate Planning

After helping you map out your path to financial independence, it’s time to talk about how you’ll enjoy your freedom later in life. We’ll also cover what you want to do with your legacy when you’re gone. Long-life and estate planning can include updating beneficiaries, wills, trusts, and more. For many of our clients, charitable giving is also important. Together, we’ll help you plan out how you want to be remembered.

Step 8

Final Review

After the previous phases of your plan are complete, we offer a final review of your plan. This is a reflection of your current financial status and goals, and will make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle are in play to see the plan through. After this final review, we will meet with you every six months to check in and assess how your plan is performing.