Free Resources

Big Dreams Calculator

Make life’s big decisions easier with the big dreams calculator. This resource provides everything you need to understand and manage the financial aspects of buying a home, purchasing a car, or having a baby. It also offers advice for handling the financial aspects of any other big dream you may have!

DIY Financial Planning Checklist

We created this checklist to help you feel confident managing your money. It’s designed to set your finances on a firm foundation, so you’ll know you’re on the right track with your financial decisions. Just follow each step in the checklist to make sure you’re on the path toward the financial goals that really matter to you

Career Change Calculator


Can you afford to change careers? At Guiding Wealth, we believe in making advised and educated decisions. Get clear on when you can make the leap with the help of our super simple and effective Career Change Calculator. Discover how much you need to save before making the big leap, based on your lifestyle, financial situation, and risk tolerance.

How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Money Guide

Talking about money can be hard. This guide will give you actionable steps and exercises to help you think through with your parents about the different facets of their life and finances. We made this just for the adult children of aging parents, who want to make sure they honor their parents’ wishes later in life.

Retirement in a Recession Guide

Did you know: A recession occurs approximately every 5.5 years. That’s why planning for them in your retirement isn’t just smart. It’s necessary. We’ve created a Retirement in a Recession guide that clearly maps out what to do if an unexpected market downturn hits and how you can get clear on what factors are impacting your successful retirement.

Personal Records Organizer

Are you nearing retirement, but wondering where all your records are or even which records you need? The Personal Records Organizer helps by collecting information, such as your accounts & property, emails, passwords, legacy information, and so much more all in one cohesive and organized place. This makes retirement so much easier because you’ll know exactly where your information is.