Happiness & Flow in Retirement

Did you know that the happiest people in the world aren’t just happy? Study after study suggests that happiness isn’t just an innate quality; it’s a matter of a person’s environment, their relationships, and what they do each and every day. What we do every day — whether it’s work, raising kids, or volunteering — gives us a sense of pride and satisfaction, which all lead to happiness.

Retirement on Your Terms

My retired clients are some of the most vibrant and active people I know — and there’s no stopping them. Retirement also looks a lot different now than it did 50 years ago.. People are living longer and staying active, which means you have a lot of time to enjoy your post-work time. They’re also choosing to retire on their terms, not on the timeline of previous generations.

What You Need to Know About Taxes and Retirement

Most clients are surprised when they get to retirement and see that their taxes have changed. They go from having a normal W2 income, where their taxes are withheld — and sometimes they even withhold additional taxes to ensure they don’t owe at the end of the year. Then, they file their taxes, maybe get a refund, and it’s all fairly straightforward

When they retire, however, a couple of things happen.

5 Biggest Mistakes Clients Make on Their Taxes

In my work with my financial planning clients, I’ve found that there are a number of tax mistakes made every year — and some of them have nothing to do with how you file. That’s why I’m sharing these 5 mistakes, in the hopes that you can address these before you file for 2018, or so you can keep them in mind for 2019.

Hannah Moore: One of Dallas’s Top Financial Planners Since 2014

D Magazine, one of Dallas’s top publications, has been on a mission to provide a spotlight for the area since 1974. They share everything from local arts, culture, politics, fashion, food, and nightlife, but they’re particularly great at providing locals a list of the “best” in different categories.

I’ve been named one of D Magazine’s Top Financial Planners in Dallas for four years running.

What I Love About Being a Financial Planner

I love my job. I think quite a few people say they love their jobs, but for me, it’s really true. Working with my clients is truly a privilege — they’re some of the most amazing and interesting people I’ve ever met. But aside from my great clients, I also love the work involved in being a Certified Financial Planner™. Why? Well, there are a few reasons...

What It’s Like for a Financial Planner to Watch the Market Fall

When the markets fall, it can be intimidating for everyone — including your financial planner. As an individual, watching your account balances fall is stressful and, as a financial planner, we watch that happen to each of our clients. It’s hard to see our clients struggle.

How to Get on the Same Level With Your Partner When It Comes to Money

Money and relationships can seem at odds sometimes. Especially when partners have different approaches and attachments to money, everyday discussions can become heated and difficult. If you’ve got some “money troubles” with your partner, know that you’re not alone.