Retirement Planning


You’ve done the work.
You’ve saved the money.
You’re nearing (or have recently entered) retirement.

Now what?

Like many of us, you’ve spent your working life anticipating your day of retirement. And thanks to all your careful preparation, you’re excited and ready to take on this new adventure. But before the big day, you may find yourself wanting to make sure you’ve got everything set up for success, and that you’re making the best decisions for you, your partner, and/or your family. Seeking financial advice can be a great way to reinforce your years of hard work, planning, and saving — and to help you enter retirement with fewer worries.

At Guiding Wealth, we believe that financial planning for retirement shouldn’t be the same for everyone. Instead, we partner with our clients to understand what they want from their retirement, and create a plan that gets them there. We offer full-service retirement planning designed to make you comfortable and confident as you enter this new phase of life.


We work with individuals, couples, and families navigating their path to (and through) retirement. Hannah Moore is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Financial Transitions™ expert who has helped hundreds of clients successfully enter their own retirement. We are ready to support you in your own retirement, whether you’re just starting to plan for it, about to enter retirement, have already retired, or are focused on long-life planning. We also support clients who have extensively planned and researched their retirement, and who want expert guidance as they enter this new phase.

Our retirement services include all of the technical expertise you need, from investment planning, retirement income and withdrawal strategies, insurance, tax, and estate planning, and beyond. We are also focused on communication and partnership, ensuring that you feel empowered and in control when it comes to your retirement. We serve as your thinking partners, adjusting plans and advice to your money personality, your values, and your concerns, goals, and wishes in retirement.


You’re the expert on your life in retirement, we’re the experts on planning for it. When we work with our clients, our goal is to make sure they understand their options so they can choose what’s best for them, and then enjoy their life in retirement. We’ll provide expert insights and resources that empower you to make decisions and plan in a way that is true to your vision for retirement.

You’ve worked hard to get to retirement. Trust us to guide you through it.