The Residency

The Residency at Guiding Wealth



An innovative program that pairs financial planning clients

and new financial planning professionals. 


The Residency at Guiding Wealth is a one-of-a-kind program developed by our founder, Hannah Moore, CFP®. It’s designed to offer a unique level of support to new financial planners and clients who are underserved or want to be served differently by traditional financial planning services.

How Does the Residency Work?

Similar to the “teaching hospitals” of the medical field, The Residency gives a hand-selected group of up-and-coming financial planners the chance to work directly with clients under the guidance of a senior CFP® professional.

To qualify, an individual must be on the path to securing the CFP® accreditation and have completed training and mentorship under Hannah via her educational program, Amplified Planning. Hannah selects candidates who have consistently performed well in monthly Amplified Planning CORE financial planning training exercises and who have completed The Externship, an 8-week virtual program featuring accredited curricula, mentorship from financial professionals, and hands-on financial planning work.

Being selected for The Residency gives planners the chance to work with Guiding Wealth clients under Hannah’s leadership and supervision.

Benefits of The Residency


The Residency offers outstanding benefits to clients and financial planners alike.

For Guiding Wealth clients, the Residency offers:


  • Creative financial guidance from a passionate and knowledgeable planner
  • A lower-cost one-time financial plan
  • The chance to help shape the next generation of financial professionals 
For new financial planners, the Residency offers:


  • The chance to work closely with Hannah, a leader in developing creative financial planning solutions
  • Career experience that combines hands-on work with expert oversight
  • The opportunity to put into practice everything they’ve learned in their classes and The Externship