Guiding Wealth Residents


Joe Schneider

Joe is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and meets with clients virtually across the U.S. 

Areas of Specialty

Driven by my own journey toward financial freedom, I am eager to help clients discover the peace and purpose that comes from sound financial planning. By focusing on actionable steps and meaningful mindset changes, I work with clients to  challenge conventional wisdom and build their ideal life, using the following time-tested principles:

    • Discovery and prioritization of life values and goals
    • Identifying and shifting money mindsets
    • Cash flow and savings optimization
    • Personalized investing education and strategies
    • Risk management strategies

I work with many different types of clients, including:

    • Individuals and families in their 30s and 40s
    • Families with young children
    • Small business owners
    • Career changers
    • Thanks to my previous career in aviation, I have special expertise with clients who are federal government employees, especially those working in areas of national defense.


Bachelor of Business Administration, University of North Dakota Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor, Federal Aviation Administration 

Candidate for CFP® certification upon completion of experience requirements



After an 18-year career in aviation, I shifted focus to my personal mission: empowering people to live more meaningful lives through financial freedom. I’ve spent the past two decades learning and implementing sound financial planning strategies in my life, through first-hand experience I know what it takes to achieve true freedom through financial security.

Years of experience as an instructor pilot taught me how to listen, think, and teach. Adapting to serve flight students from various backgrounds was incredibly rewarding. I’m eager to leverage this experience to help clients build lives they never thought possible.

Outside of the office, I love spending time with my wife and two boys, being active outdoors, and sharing great food with friends. I have a multi-year goal to learn to sail and eventually take my boys on long summer sailing trips. I am a curious lifelong learner and an avid reader of all things financial, especially investment strategy and financial psychology.

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