What I Love About Being a Financial Planner


I love my job. I think quite a few people say they love their jobs, but for me, it’s really true. Working with my clients is truly a privilege — they’re some of the most amazing and interesting people I’ve ever met. But aside from my great clients, I also love the work involved in being a Certified Financial Planner™. Why? Well, there are a few reasons...

Enjoying the Endless Possibilities

Most people hear what I do for a living and think my job is all about investments and talking about numbers. But it's not! To me, financial planning is about the possibilities. You get to dive into the possibilities of someone’s life and their plan. My job as a Certified Financial Planner™ isn’t to tell you what you can’t do — it’s to help you figure out what you can do. When you think about it like that, the numbers are just a small part of the job.

The Technical Elements of Financial Planning

Of course, there’s the technical side of financial planning; the numbers, the spreadsheets, the reports. The technical nature of financial planning has always been alluring to me as a “numbers person.” From investing to retirement planning to evaluating insurance policies, I am regularly diving into the technical side of my client’s situation to find the best solution for their question or issue. It’s like a puzzle piece. All these other pieces come in — reading statements, employee benefits, insurance plans, all of that. I use all of these inputs to help craft a tentative plan and begin to evaluate projections.

To understand projections, though, I need to know what goes into those projections. I don’t take the defaults from the “system,” and instead choose to dive into exactly why we’re getting those projections. This means an even more accurate, catered plan for my clients that has the “human touch” I believe so much of the financial services field is missing.


Not only do I get to dive deep into the technical aspects, but I also get to ask questions like “What does it mean for my client?” “How will this investment or retirement strategy help my client achieve their goals?” “What’s missing and where can I find it?”

While to some this may seem technical, to me it’s almost like art.

Financial planning masterpieces

Several years ago I embraced the fact that I am a creative person. While you’ll never see my work displayed in an art gallery, I do view my client work as my masterpiece. Each family I work with has their own nuances and vision that impact their plan. All the pieces come together to create the life they want based on the resources they have available. Each family’s values, priorities, and risk tolerance are different, which guides the overall masterpiece we create: their financial plan. In my mind, there is rarely, if ever, a cookie cutter plan.

I love that financial planning allows me a creative outlet.

New Work Every Day

I love helping my clients figure out that what they want may be possible. Maybe they can change jobs, retire early, move across the country. Because I work with many different people, I also get to see different views, goals, opinions, and lifestyles. Then I get to figure out the “puzzle” for each person and determine how to bridge the gap: How can they make the most of their money and what is the best way to share that information?

Each person has such a different relationship with money and each client often has various complexities within their plan. This is where it gets really creative! I get to co-create with my clients using my expertise in financial planning and their expertise in their own lives. Together, we get to come up with a plan that fits them like a glove, and then find a way to share that information with them that’s clear and understandable. As Leonardo di Vinci once said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Knowing the Importance of Financial Planning

Last but not least, I love my work because it matters. I want to do work that’s meaningful and I know that financial planning matters in my clients’ lives. It gives them the freedom, security, and confidence to do what they truly want in life without the constant worry and fear about their finances.

If you’re looking for a Certified Financial Planner™ that loves what she does, contact me today. You can set up a free consultation with me to determine if we’re a good fit, and so we can chat about your vision for your money and your future.